Victoria Curling Eriksson

Victoria målar magnifika landskap med olja. Hennes tavlor visar alla årstider med färger och texturer. Utställningen går under namnet “A Collection of  Landscapes”.  

När: 25 april - 17 may
Vernissage: Söndagen 26 april
Var: Galleri Viken

Victoria Curling Eriksson is an artist who was born and raised in Bath, England a city that she frequently visits.
Victoria originally studied Biotechnology BSc (Hons) in England and worked internationally with Clinical trials. Deciding to change her career, She studied art at Munka Ljungby Konstskola between 2001-2003 and since then has been working as an Artist, exhibiting locally and internationally.

Today she lives and works in Viken, in southern Sweden where walking her dogs daily inspires her next piece of work.

The changing seasons creates captivating light and encourages dynamic landscapes to be transformed into layer upon layer of different strokes, that create a story board painting.

Oil on canvas or paper is Victoria’s chosen medium, the exceptional quality and colours that oil paint provides, allows for different techniques to acquire a build up of various textures.

Victoria aims to infuse stillness and atmosphere in her work, never knowing how the final painting will unfold, until it gradually appears through the layers.